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    Mine your data to find hidden revenue

    • by: Jennifer
    • On: 9, Jun 2021
    9 min read


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    Mine your data to find hidden revenue

    Posted by Jennifer on Jun 9, 2021 3:22:29 PM

    Your data is worth a lot. Wondering how you can make revenue from this data?

    With technology you can easily view a list of patients in every category, and in one click market to them via text & email letting them know it's time to order or schedule an exam. What is key is marketing to your own patient base regularly to stay connected. 

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    What ODs are saying

    Kerry Gelb, OD, President of the ALLDOCS Group

    Kerry Gelb, OD, President of the ALLDOCS Group

    President of ALLDOCS Group

    "The software allows the patient to directly order contact lenses and frees up valuable staff time and labor.  Dr. contact lens also messages patients directly when they are due to order additional lenses.  Best of all, patients are offered the absolute best price and deters the patient from internet shopping.  It allows us to sell to patients when we are not open, after hours, or in the event of closure.  It is a great patient retention tool."

    Bethany Fisbein

    Bethany Fishbein, OD, CEO

    Power Practice

    "DCL was easy to implement and seamless. Staff training was comprehensive and allowed us to start using it right away.  Patients have accepted it well, and it's always fun to see new orders come through from patients who might not have purchased in the office!"

    Parkside eyecare

    Monica Ma OD & Jonathan Renyon OD

    Parkside Eyecare

    "Dr. Contact Lens has been a game changer for our practices. We used to track our patients through an excel spreadsheet and now we can see and do everything through Dr. Contact Lens. Patients are loving it and staff are loving it! It has been a win-win."


    Sundra Lemanski

    Sundra Lemanski, OD

    "Patients are more prompt with ordering contacts from us or coming in when they’re due for an exam because DCL reminds them when it’s coming up. My staff loves it because it’s a much more streamlined way to order and ship contacts to patients and because response time is amazing in the new live chat feature whenever they do have a question."


    Madison Huser, OD

    Madison Huser, OD

    "We finally have a solution for online ordering of contacts that both my patients and staff love!"

    Narrissa, Optique Team member

    Narrissa, Optique Team member

    Narrissa, Optique Team member

    "I am so happy to be a part of this company. This system is very efficient, fast and easy to work with. Patients are able to order their contact lenses by the click of a button. The best part is that we can give them their rebates without any hassle. "

    Kari Carpenter

    Kari Carpenter, OD

    Eyemax Eyes Optometry

    "What an amazing company! Dr. Contact Lens has helped us retain those patients who simply want to order online. I only wish I had them sooner!"

    Perry Brill

    Perry Brill, Office Manager

    Brill Eye Center

    "It really bothers me that the eyecare industry is slow to adopt e-commerce. Patients have been screaming at ECPs to buy contacts from us online for a decade. Finally, an OD friendly company made this possible. Thank you Dr. Contact lens!"

    Brian Abert

    Brian Abert, OD

    Vista Eyecare

     "Dr. Contact Lens provides us with sophisticated marketing tools which allow us to ensure our contact lens sales remain profitable!"  

    Ryan Capouch

    Ryan Capouch, OD

    Lumen Vision

    "I love Dr. Contact Lens because it impresses my patients as a cutting-edge solution to ordering contacts. We save an extraordinary amount of time every month because we don’t have to place contact lens orders and waste time with data entry. Our patients prefer the convenience, and I’m happy to give it to them - all while supporting my contact lens business!"


    Melanie Denton, OD

    Salisbury Eyecare

    "My patients love the convenience of Dr. Contact Lens, and my team loves the time it saves them. Because it is fully integrated with our EHR, it's easy to use for both the office and the patient. I'd highly recommend DCL!"


    Candria Krywko, OD

    Eyes on Hayden

    "It's never been easier to compete with giant online retailers. I'm ecstatic to have implemented Dr. Contact Lens & keep my contact lens sales in house. Thank you DCL!"


    Audrey Raley, OD

    Refined Eyecare & Eyewear Gallery

    "Dr. Contact Lens has completely transformed contact ordering in my office.  Before DCL, even with our other "direct-to-patient" software, contact lens ordering was still such a time consuming area of my practice. I can't get over the ultra sleek portal patients get access to in order to buy their contacts with DCL and how much time is saved! The marketing software/dashboard is everything I needed to boost my practice revenue, capture opportunities we were previously missing, and free up staff time" 

    Larah Alami

    Larah Alami, OD

    Hudson River Eyecare

    "Dr. Contact Lens has been great for our practice.  Patients appreciate the easy access to their prescription, and the 1-click ordering has increased our capture rate for sure!  If our office has to close again due to the coronavirus, we can be sure that our contact lens sales will continue to grow!"


    Giannie Castellanos, OD

    Infinite Vision Care

    "We are a busy office and contact lenses have always been our bottleneck. We needed a new way for our patients to order from us to keep them from going online. Dr. Contact Lens is exactly this"


    Gus Garmizo, OD, FAAO

    Everything Eyes

    "I always prided myself on keeping my practice up to date and growing into the future. With Dr. Contact Lens we have done just that and streamlined a very old process. My patients love being able to order their contacts in one click, delivered directly to their home."

    Laura Falco

    Laura Falco, OD

    Jazzy Eyes

    "Incorporating Dr. Contact Lens into my practice has helped me in many ways.  It has kept more patients in house for purchases and it has other features that are great. It frees up time my staff so we can spend more getting patients booked for exams.  It is more convenient for the patient as well, in case they want to order contacts at 1 in the morning, and it keeps track of expiring prescriptions, alerting both the patient and the office that it is time for the patient’s annual exam.  It complies with giving the patient their prescription for contact lenses.  It keeps pace with the pricing on 1800 so I can inform the patient without hesitation that we are priced competitively and they do not need to price shop online.  It makes the patient feel that we are modern and up to date with technology."


    Jenn Tabiza, OD, Co-founder

    Westchester Eyecare Center

    "I love technology, it has streamlined my practice so much. We work less, make more AND our patients are floored at our efficiency & services. We love making our patients & staff happy. Nothing does that better than cutting edge technology like Dr. Contact Lens!"


    Brianna Rhue, OD, FAAO, Co-founder

    West Broward Eyecare

    "Before Dr. Contact Lens we were always on the defense when it came to patients ordering contacts. We had no easy way to follow up with them & ordering the old way wasted so much time. Now we have a tech savvy way to compete in the growing online market, keep our practices thriving & our patients ordering from us!"

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